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Planning events can be time consuming and exhausting if you have other responsibilities.  You want your event to be perfectly executed, seamless, and you want to be able to enjoy yourself.  Hosting an event is a great promotional tool for your company and you want to make sure you take full advantage of it by creating relationships, and not worrying about what is happening behind the scenes.

At Karine Brighten Events we are logistical experts and understand the planning process inside and out. We will work behind the scenes to make sure your grand opening creates a buzz around town, your film screening sells out, you make great connections at your networking event, and create long lasting relationships with your customers.

We will work with you to make sure your needs and expectations are met and that your vision for the event is realized. Our goal is to satisfy you and give you your money’s worth! Sit back and relax at your event and let us handle all the details.