Meet Karine

(Karine Brighten on the left)

Someone once asked how I would describe my best qualities. Seriously, how can I answer that without sounding pompous? So I asked others what they would say. Here was the gist of it:

“Karine is professional, organized, friendly, compassionate, creative, and an extreme social butterfly. She’s dedicated to finding innovative and unique solutions to the events she designs. She’s also like an obsessed detective ferreting out details and solving problems.”

I’m humbled, and laughing as well, because many people don’t know I have a degree in criminal justice. I thought about becoming a detective at one point. I know, you’re probably wondering how I crossed that bridge.

Here’s the short version how I went from criminal justice to event planner.

I’m a right-brain, left-brain kind of person and the creative right brain won on the career track. After a few more years of school studying event planning, and working with JPDL, Canada’s top event planning service, I knew I discovered my niche and passion. Surprisingly, my training in criminal justice actually helps now that I run my own event planning business.

Here’s how.

Some event coordinators fail from lack of attention to detail. They also fall apart when encountering stressful situations, or wrangling thirty rogue event volunteers. Many also shy away from negotiating contracts, and keeping vendors on task and accountable. Criminal justice taught skills that help in situations such as these. It also reinforced my observation abilities. It helped me observe how our habits and activities impact our environment even with something like a fundraiser.

That’s the driving force behind creating sustainable events.

Let me talk about that for a minute. I believe in doing good and giving back. I feel a responsibility towards others on our planet. I feel a strong sense of compassion and social responsibility to the stewardship we’ve been entrusted with–both to each other and with our limited resources.

That’s why I create sustainable events. Making choices that create a “green event” may save a tree, lessen C02 emissions . . . and it all matters in the big picture. Clients are constantly amazed when they realize it doesn’t cost more to go green holding a sustainable event, whether it’s a large conference in San Francisco or an intimate party in Berkeley.

I love the challenges, and the sudden bursts of creativity that explode from my mind as I design an event. Coming up with new ways to do something fun, fresh, affordable, and sustainable is exciting. I also love building long-lasting relationships through it all.

While criminal justice gave me some awesome skills, being an event coordinator is definitely my passion. I’m excited to meet you, and can’t wait to work with you!

Here’s my direct line- 510.269.7252

I’ll be waiting for your call.