Big Ideas With a Small Carbon Footprint - San Francisco Bay Area's first Green-Certified event service specialist

What's the big idea? Top event planners like Karine Brighten know that today's successful events demand fresh, relevant, and innovative ideas. Our culture's high quality media productions and celebrity events set the expectation bar high. Elaborate weddings, imaginative fundraisers, and company meetings in treetop retreats are now the standard in some circles.

Holding a professional event for your nonprofit organization or corporate convention must compete with celebrity event budgets. And some events are more than a celebration. You may be trying to raise money, promote a new product, or gain publicity at a grand opening. Each of these has an expected ROI. Many shy away from hiring an event planner, however, as a way to keep costs down. They think an event planner is only for those with money to burn. So they toss it to their admin assistant and tell her to, "make it happen."

So how can you hold a successful event when your needs are "A List," your budget's somewhere between "L and Z" , and your admin assistant just quit?

Karine Brighten has the answers. Her years of formal training, and experience working at JPDL (Canada's top event planning company) laid a solid foundation for what came next. When she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area several years ago and started Karine Brighten Events, her solid track record followed. She knows how to "make it happen."

You can afford an event specialist when you choose Karine Brighten.

Here are the "must haves" for each one of her successful events:

  • Make it awesome. Your reputation's at stake. People will be talking, texting, and spreading social media chatter about your nonprofit fundraiser, charity ball, social party, wedding, concert, film screening, trade show, grand opening . . . we want you to get a bazillion "likes" after it's over.

  • Keep your mind free from brainspin trying to find the best event vendors, venues, and entertainment. Time is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it's time you don't have (and it's yours)

  • Make it a green event. A sustainable event creates good karma and makes your organization look like a rock star to your employees, your friends, your community, and your shareholders. It shows you really care about your environmental footprint!

  • Keep it on budget. Better yet, let's keep it under budget. Now there's a big idea.

  • What's the difference between Karine Brighten and other event coordinators?

    Here are seven to start:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Green
  • Friendly
  • Innovative
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Dedicated

  • Big event ideas with one of the San Francisco Bay Area's premiere event specialists are just a phone call away. We will show you how you can make your next event fresh, affordable, and memorable.

    Call Karine Brighten Events at 510.269.7252 or email

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